School Curriculum

Curriculum at Leeds International School is internally developed by qualified and experienced teachers. Our primary objective is to lay a strong foundation on our school values while grooming students to strive for excellence. Our inquiry-based teaching strategies will place students at the centre of the learning experience and take them to a journey of self-discovery.
Our motto, "Read, Lead, Succeed" aims to inculcate values of leadership and initiative in our students thereby developing 21st century skills in them. By providing our Leeds Primary program to age groups 6 to 9 years in Primary 1 to Primary 3, we are nurturing the students to build initiative and self-direction.

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Primary 1
  • In Primary 1 our curriculum is designed to keep our students engaged and interested. Our teachers will lead them beyond general curiosity to ensure progression and continuation in learning.
  • Students will do English, Maths, Science, second languages (French/Hindi) and ICT using thematic units and topics designed by our passionate teachers. Learner’s will engage in co-scholastic subjects such as Music, Art and Craft and Physical education. Cocurricular activities such as Junior chef, Origami and Just Dance will widen their experiences and give them more confidence.
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Primary 2
  • In Primary 2, we will build upon the strong foundation of subject knowledge from Primary 1 leading our students towards critical thinking and understanding.
  • Field trips to nearby supermarkets and nature parks will promote deeper understanding of subjects such as English, Maths, Science, second languages (French/Hindi) and ICT. Students will have a strong focus on adventure and service as part of our curriculum.
  • Students will continue to participate in co-scholastic subjects such as Music, Art and Craft and Physical education. Fun and learning through Junior chef, Origami and Just Dance as part of Cocurricular activities will continue.
  • Learning will be assessed using a variety of tools & strategies within the classroom.
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Primary 3
  • The journey of self-discovery will continue in Primary 3, wherein our passionate teachers will continue to challenge and support the understanding of our students through investigation and understanding.
  • Project based learning will become an important part of our learning in subjects such as English, Maths, Science, second languages (French/Hindi) and ICT. Students will take ownership of their learning.
  • Participation in co-scholastic subjects such as Music, Art and Craft, Physical education will lead to personal, emotional, and social development in students. Learning will become rewarding with participation in cocurricular activities such as junior chef, origami and just dance.
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Primary 4 and Primary 5
  • Upper Primary Curriculum for Primary 4 & 5 is Cambridge based. Foundation subjects, English, Mathematics and Science receive the same time allocation as in lower primary classes. We have added Life Skills to Upper Primary with a view to ensure easy transition to the demands and challenges of Grade 6 in Secondary school. The main objective of Life Skills is to focus on cultivating self-care, critical thinking, self-reflection, problem-solving and interpersonal skills in students. Cognitive skills and emotional-coping skills will be the highlight of this learning.
  • Students will focus and benefit from Co-curricular activities such as Origami, Creative Writing and Trash & Treasure. French and Hindi will continue to be the options for second language.
  • Ongoing formative and summative assessments will provide instant feedback from teachers on areas of work to focus on. Our engaging class climate will provide opportunities for personalised learning so that our students think globally, work well in groups and are confident learners.
    ICT, Music, Art & Craft, and Physical Education will groom students and promote cultural literacy, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in them.
  • Join us in this journey of self-discovery and secure the future of your child!

For details on our courses for Primary 1 to 5, please refer to our Academics Information Document



Teachers at the primary level will employ a broad range of strategies to obtain information about their students’ skills and understanding and range from asking questions during the lesson to giving a formal formative class test. Assessment motivates learning as students become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and make necessary learning effort to improve their performance. Assessment drives instructions and learning, besides informing parents and learners about their performance. Teachers can then restructure their teaching strategies to optimize learning in class.

Types of assessment
To establish whether learners have met the learning outcome or are on track to do so. These are short and medium-term assessments

We implement formative diagnosis to identify why learners do not understand or have difficulty with some topic or idea and to use this information to take appropriate action to correct mistakes or misconceptions.
Formative evaluation is implemented to determine whether the action following the diagnosis has resolved the learner’s difficulties
To 'sum up' what learners have achieved. These are long term assessments.

Summative evaluation is used to establish what general level of ability the learner has attained in terms of understanding, selecting, and applying the knowledge and skills they have been taught. This kind of assessment is used as a means of reporting to other establishments and to parents on the actual attainments of learners.


Our Campus

School Facilities

Leeds International school has access to various activity areas such as swimming school, rock climbing and play areas for basketball and other sports. Our school facilities include:

  1. Well-furnished and functional classrooms.
  2. Large Multi-purpose hall - For Assembly, Performances, Scholastic Movie Screenings.
  3. Well-equipped Activity Room - For Music, Arts&Crafts, Junior Chef and other Co-Curricular activities.
  4. Cozy and well-resourced Reading Corner.
  5. Sick bay.

Grade wise classrooms registered (6), Floor Area and Seating Capacity are as follows:

S No. Classroom Floor Area (sqm) Maximum Capacity
1Primary 120.513
2Primary 1A32.221
3Primary 231.521
4Primary 326.216
5Primary 422.515
6Primary 521.314

Teaching is an accomplishment; getting children excited about learning is an achievement!

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School Terms
School Timings
10.30 AM - 10.50 AMSNACK BREAK
12.20 AM - 01.15 PMLUNCH TIME
School Term Dates 2021-2022
Term 1Wednesday, 4th August 2021Friday, 1st October 20219 weeks
Term BreakSaturday, 2nd October 2021Sunday, 10th October 202111 days
Term 2Monday, 11th October 2021Friday, 17th December 202110 weeks
Term BreakMonday, 20th December 2021Monday, 17th January 20224 weeks
Term 3Tuesday, 18th January 2022Friday, 18th March 20229 weeks
Term BreakMonday, 21st March 2022Monday, 4th April 20222 weeks
Term 4Tuesday, 5th April 2022Monday, 13th June 202210 weeks
Term BreakTuesday, 14th June 2022Monday, 1st August 20227 weeks

Student Handbook

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